Shane Beamer spoke at a press conference on Tuesday ahead of South Carolina’s matchup with No. 1 Georgia.

Beamer coached tight ends and special teams at Georgia from 2016-2017, and firmly believes Tyler Simmons was onsides in the National Championship game for the 2017 season.

Simmons made a great play, blocking an Alabama punt, but was ruled offsides. Beamer wanted to put the message out that the officials made the wrong call.

“If you ask anyone in Athens what, ‘Tyler Simmons was onside’ means, they’ll know. In the National Championship game we had an Alabama punt. Kirby wanted to show this look when Alabama punts. We’re confident they will do this, and when they do this we’re gonna do that. We were gonna get a free rusher we felt like, and we did. Came through cleanly and blocked a punt. Unfortunately, the officiating crew — not an SEC crew, but the officiating crew absolutely blew the call.”

It’s safe to say that Beamer still thinks about the play from time to time, as he coached special teams that season. There are some plays you can’t have back.

After spending time with Georgia, Beamer was also an assistant at Oklahoma from 2018-2020 before becoming South Carolina’s head coach.