Shaquille O’Neal didn’t back down from a bet he made with Ernie Johnson.

Last week, the “Inside the NBA” crew discussed the College Football Playoff National Championship. Johnson, who is an Atlanta native and a Georgia alumnus, was supremely confident that his Bulldogs would win by a wide margin.

O’Neal, however, was a big believer in the TCU Horned Frogs, prompting the former LSU and NBA star to make a ridiculous bet.

“If Georgia beats TCU, I’ll eat some frogs. I’ll eat a horned frog,” said O’Neal. The pair then shook on it, and the rest was history.

Needless to say, O’Neal lost the bet.

Johnson, wearing a Georgia helmet, came out to the desk carrying a plate of frog legs and dipping sauce. O’Neal, to his credit, dug right in and ate the frog legs. O’Neal finished the plate of legs and didn’t seem to hate it.

Kudos to O’Neal for following through on the bet.