As Jamie Newman’s decision to opt out of the 2020 season becomes more settled for Georgia fans and college football analysts, speculation will ramp up. That includes former Georgia QB Aaron Murray, who weighed in on the news and raised an interesting point about Newman’s announcement.

“The timing is a little iffy,” Murray told Mark Packer on SiriusXM. “If it would have been said 3 weeks ago, hey this world’s too crazy, I don’t want to risk it, then fine, I understand it. If it really is about the COVID, then I understand, I’m never going to get mad at someone who is worried about their health or maybe someone that’s around them, a loved one about getting them sick. So if that’s really is the case, I support your decision.”

Then Murray wonders if fellow QB JT Daniels was playing better, or if something else was going on with the offense. But Murray thought Todd Monken as the offensive coordinator made it the perfect situation for Newman. Murray thought Newman was ready to take the next step to be a top-three round quarterback in the NFL Draft. But when he watches Newman at Wake Forest before his transfer to Georgia, Murray doesn’t see it.

“I thought there was a lot of things in Jamie Newman’s game this year that he would have had the opportunity to showcase that he could do, because you have plenty of talent around him,” Murray said. “… To me, I don’t know if it was an agent telling him he needs to stay, I don’t know who it was, but I think he lost out on an opportunity to be a better quarterback. To win possibly an SEC, to make it in the playoffs, to be a Heisman contender and I think he pissed away millions of dollars in my opinion.”