Kirby Smart is busy Saturday, still working hard at Alabama and coaching the defense in the SEC Championship Game. But as soon as the game ends, the watch heats up as to how quickly he’ll officially be named head coach at Georgia.

It could be real quick.

Once the deal is done, there’s a matter of filling a staff, and quickly. With former Georgia coach Mark Richt getting hired so quickly at Miami, there should be plenty of movement in Athens, both coming and going. Who Smart brings in to fill coordinator roles will be interesting.

The biggest names in the conversation include:

Will Muschamp as a potential defensive coordinator: Smart and Muschamp played together at Georgia briefly and have worked together as coaches at both Valdosta State and LSU. They might be a good fit together. Muschamp, the former head coach at Florida, just finished his first season with Gus Malzahn at Auburn.

Scott Cochran, Alabama strength and conditioning coordinator: Cochran and Smart are close friends, but Cochran has strong ties to Alabama and Nick Saban and may not be ready to make a move. This will be interesting to watch.

Bryan McClendon, current Georgia interim coach: He’s well respected by the Georgia administration and may have a good chance of sticking around on Smart’s staff.

Here’s one perspective at who might be coming through that revolving door and who might be heading out.