There are few things you can count on in life, but one of them during football season is fans criticizing CBS broadcaster Gary Danielson. This week, it was during the Tennessee-Georgia game on the “SEC on CBS.”

Tennessee fans especially focused on Danielson misidentifying Vols players. They also thought Danielson was biased toward Georgia, and didn’t understand certain penalties, such as a penalty just before Tennessee’s second touchdown of the game. One Tennessee fan tweeted that he hoped the Vols don’t play another CBS game in order to avoid hearing Danielson.

Each week, it’s something that routinely brings together otherwise opposing fan bases around the league to agree on the same thing.

One fan summarized it all this way: “His commentary is dated, his views are biased, and his voices makes me want to turn off the tv. Get rid of him.”

Here’s a sampling of some first-half reaction toward the broadcaster SEC fans love to hate: