The way the season’s going for Georgia, there may be plenty of records set. So far, the running back position is the place where milestones begin and end.

Last week, Nick Chubb became the eighth SEC running back to reach 4,000 career yards when he scored a 14-yard touchdown against Vanderbilt. He was the second Georgia player to do it after Herschel Walker, who finished with 5,259 career yards.

Soon, running back Sony Michel is set to join another milestone club, 3,000 yards, and bring Chubb and Georgia with him into the SEC record book. An SEC team has never had a 4,000-yard rusher and a 3,000-yard rusher on the same roster.

There are three 1,000-yard seasons between them. Chubb did it in 2014 and 2016 and then Michel in 2015 after Chubb was hurt. They’re arguably the best running back tandem in the SEC.

They’ve already topped 1,000 combined this season at 1,024 yards and 12 touchdowns.

The Bulldogs are 30-point favorites for Saturday night’s game against Missouri at Sanford Stadium.