Sony Michel is guilt ridden after breaking his left arm in an ATV accident which resulted in surgery on Monday. Michel’s brother, Allen Pinder, told the AJC’s Dawg Nation that the junior running back “feels terrible” for his Georgia teammates and Bulldogs fans following the accident, which took place Sunday evening.

“He said the first thing that came to his mind was he let everybody down,” Pinder told the AJC on Tuesday. “He’s been going really hard through camp. He wants to be a leader this year and he really feels bad about this setback. But he wasn’t doing anything crazy. It was just a freak accident. He feels terrible about it.”

Pinder spoke with Michel by phone from his home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He confirmed that the junior running back is still hospitalized at Athens Regional Medical Center and that Michel’s parents, Marie and Jean Michel, flew up yesterday and remain with him.

Pinder also noted a probable timetable for his return.

“The doctors assured him it’d be six to eight weeks and that he would be able to play in a soft cast,” Pinder said. “There was a little damage to the muscle but nothing bad. As long as he stays on schedule, I think he’ll be ready to play with a cast on. He should be ready to play on Sept. 3.”

You can read the full interview from the AJC here.