The University of Georgia is first class.

Southern player Devon Gales suffered a severe spinal cord injury against Georgia Saturday, and according to the school, he suffered several fractures in his neck. Gales was attempting to make a block when he lowered his head, and upon contact late in the third quarter, he fell motionless to the turf. He was carted off on a stretcher after several minutes surrounded by trainers without movement in his extremities.

Gales had surgery to stabilize the injury, and thankfully, he has movement in his upper body.

Gales’ parents weren’t at the game, but they were with him at the hospital, because the University of Georgia flew his parents in on its own dime.

Mark Richt and Brian Schottenheimer visited with Gales in the hospital Saturday.

“We’re trying to cover him up with as much love as we can, and let him know that we care, let him know that we’re here to help,” Richt said, via the AJC. “We’re just gonna continue to pray, and I know the Bulldog nation is behind him as well. There may come a time where there may be some needs. Not exactly sure yet. But if it does come to that I’m going to be calling all Dawgs to get involved and to help out.”

How many coaches and schools would have done the same? Probably several, but Richt continues to set the bar high for coaches who really care about players and families.