Stetson Bennett apologized for his public intoxication arrest in Dallas in January, and discussed it on Friday at the NFL Combine.

“It was a mistake that everybody’s aware of,” Bennett said. “I understand why that can’t happen. I’ve talked to coaches about it, talked to GMs. I’ve apologized to my family. That’s who I felt worse about; I felt like I let them down, because no matter where I go now (people are going to know about it). Even without all this, I’ve got an obligation. I’m the fourth (Stetson Bennett). You can’t do that if you’re last name is Bennett. I know better.”

About his play on the field, Bennett explained what he offers as his decision-making abilities are expected to outweigh his physical characteristics as NFL teams make decisions about him.

“I’ve got confidence in my abilities,” he said. “Everybody asks that question, but there’s so much more to playing quarterback than people know. It’s not — there’s different offenses, different checks, different motions, whatever. Whatever you’re asked to do, that’s all you can do in the offense.”

Bennett then spoke about physical ability, but came back to the mental acuity and handling different situations can’t be measured.

“I have confidence in my ability, but all these dudes are (great) players, too,” he said.