Stetson Bennett is well-versed in responding to critics, and the Georgia quarterback is at it again.

Leading up to the national championship on Monday against TCU, Bennett put it this way:

“There was a lot of people who doubted us, and I know people are gonna be like, ‘No we didn’t,’ well, yeah you did,” Bennett told Sirius XM.

He simply said it’s what Georgia set out to do this year.

“Maybe not doubted us as far as unranked doubted us,” he said, “but there wasn’t a consensus, and it seems as if people have forgotten that storyline, and forgotten what this team has done, as a collective. Heard all the doubters when we’re talking about 15 draft picks lost to the draft, and lot of those guys on defense, and even on offense, heard that. So we went to work and we took it week by week and now we’re here and I think that’s really special.”