Stetson Bennett could have gone on to the NFL and try and make a roster, or go to law school or enter the work force. But after the national championship in Indianapolis, Bennett said he would return to Georgia.

At SEC Media Days on Wednesday, Bennett reflected on the decision, and explained his thought process.

“You play the game to play the game, and you play the game to win, and compete against the best players,” Bennett said. “I’m secure enough, I can look in the mirror like, I wasn’t going to get drafted high last year. So what was the guarantee that I was going to start in the NFL this next year, it was probably pretty low. This is the best conference in the country. But if we take care of business, then we take care of business. You’re competing against the best players, you have the best players on your team, best coaches, smartest league.”

In a statement that will puff out the chest of every Georgia fan, Bennett, a South Georgia native, proudly shared why he loves playing for the Bulldogs.

“I think it’s the biggest honor in the world to go out there with the G on the side of my helmet, and my name on the back and look at my brothers across from me and knowing that we’re playing for the University of Georgia and the state of Georgia and for Bulldog fans around the country,” Bennett said. “It really wasn’t that tough of a decision, but I love football, I love most everything about it. I love to compete and that was more of a guarantee to compete here.”