Stetson Bennett had his biggest game of the season in terms of attempts and completions passing the ball, 17-for-29 for 213 yards, but after the win at Tennessee, the Georgia quarterback shrugged off the effort. Instead, he pointed toward teammate James Cook, who had an equally big game.

“It’s a little bit more sore from all the hits running the ball,” Bennett said on a question from Jamie Erdahl of CBS Sports about throwing the ball.

Cook had 3 touchdowns, and 104 rushing yards with 43 receiving yards.

“He understands football,” Bennett said. “Growing up, his brother and his whole family, and also he’s a heck of an athlete. But he knows that whenever we split him out and it’s one-on-one I’m going to go to him, and I did and it worked.”

Bennett said he continues to live his dream as the starting quarterback for Georgia, and he tries to stop being the “wide-eyed little boy, but starting quarterback in the SEC eventually.”

“It’s pretty cool,” he said. “Got a few more games before the SEC Championship but first time in 40 years, undefeated, you know.”