If there’s one coach who knows what it’s like to face Georgia or Clemson from the opposing sideline, it’s Steve Spurrier, of course the former coach of their primary rivals, Florida and South Carolina.

During an interview with Mike Griffith of the AJC’s Dawg Nation, Spurrier offered his impressions of Georgia coach Kirby Smart, and where the Bulldogs program stands.

“I like Coach Kirby, I like the way he wears that visor all the time, I don’t know if the Georgia people gave him any crap about it, but he’s a visor guy. I like all those visor guys out there in the coaching profession,” said Spurrier, who was 11-1 against UGA as Florida’s coach, and 5-6 against the Bulldogs at South Carolina. “He’s done very well, he hasn’t hit the top yet. He’s got teams that are always capable. They are probably gonna hit the top pretty soon.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be Spurrier without a zinger about the Alabama national championship loss.

“I still feel sorry for all the Georgia Bulldogs when Tua (Tagovailoa) hit that pass on, what was it, second-and-28, or something like that? That was a hard one,” Spurrier said. “But they’ll bounce back from it. He’s got a team this year that possibly could go all the way … When you have strong powerful teams the way he has built them, pretty soon they will get to the top of the pile.”

Georgia opens the season against Clemson in a top 5 matchup in Charlotte on Saturday night.