Tim Brando routinely takes opposing or contrarian views on the topics of the day in college football. Recently, he has promoted the likes of Central Florida being included in the College Football Playoff conversation, and often stirs the irritation of fan bases on sports radio shows.

His preseason polls often have at least one team in a higher or lower position than many other polls. To his credit, he usually has a argument to defend his opinion.

This week, though, he has offered his opinion on the primetime kickoff of the Notre Dame-Georgia game, and how it’s a bad decision. Brando, now a broadcaster with Fox Sports but previously with CBS and ESPN, has joined the consensus that Georgia will have an easy time on Saturday night in Athens.

This is the first time since 2011 that the Alabama-LSU game is not a primetime game on CBS.

“The Georgia/Notre Dame game is not only NOT a Playoff game, it’s also IMO a mistake to have put in Primetime when LSU/Alabama has historically been the CBS Primetime decision in November,” he wrote on Twitter. “Notre Dame will likely be crushed and by November the game will be forgotten. #TheTruth”

Television networks often have different reasons for choosing one game or another, especially weeks ahead of time not knowing how certain games will play out. But Brando declared that CBS clearly chose the national interest of Notre Dame over what he perceives as a more meaningful matchup on Nov. 9 in Tuscaloosa.

“There’s only one game CBS can select for Primetime yearly,” he tweeted. “So, one in during Ratings sweeps in November, and the other in September. CBS historically has used that selection for LSU/Bama, they chose the #BRAND of @NDFootball over the more meaningful matchup. That’s just FACT!”