Tim Tebow was as good as anybody in the country when it came to motivating his teammates while at Florida.

And the Gator legend and 2-time national champion tapped into that on Monday night as Georgia and Alabama prepared to face off in the College Football Playoff National Championship in Indianapolis.

The Bulldogs, of course, have lost the last 7 games to the Crimson Tide, including the 2017 national championship in Atlanta that saw Devonta Smith score the game-winning touchdown in overtime. Could this be the evening the Dawgs finally top the Tide and break the 40-plus year championship drought?

Tebow isn’t wearing pads for this one, but he covering the game in Indy for the SEC Network. But he sounded as if he wanted to put on a jersey and go to battle with a fiery speech during pregame.

“I think it’s OK to go back in history and say, ‘You know what? It’s OK, guys. We can admit it. We can go back and we can look at every game (against Alabama) since 2007 and we haven’t been up to the task. But the past doesn’t define the present. It’s not going to tell the story about this team’s future. And this team’s future is special. We can go out and do something, you can go do something,’” Tebow said.

“And I think if you rally around that and you admit it, but you learn from it, and you say, ‘But the future is up to you guys. It’s up to you. You want to change the story? You want to change your future? You want to change the narrative? Then go do it. Nobody else can do it. These fans can’t do it. None of ‘SEC Nation’, none of them can do it. They can just predict it. But you know what? In your heart, you get to choose it. You get to live it. So don’t let someone else predict your future. You go live it by making the choice of the will and overcoming all the other crap that everyone else says.’”