NFL teams considering Todd Gurley as a first- or second-round selection in less than two weeks gained some clarity this weekend.

Gurley, who did not allow teams to inspect his surgically-repaired knee at the NFL Combine, returned to Indianapolis for this weekend so NFL medical personnel could check on his progress.

Gurley tore his ACL on Nov. 15 in a game against Auburn. About three months later, he declined to participate in an infamous battery of medical tests at the NFL Combine.

For players with an injury history and a chance to make millions of dollars as a high-round pick, sometimes the poking and prodding from multiple doctors can last several hours, and Gurley reportedly did not want to risk such invasive interaction with his knee at the time. The move drew criticism at first, but renowned athletic surgeon Dr. James Andrews came out in strong defense of Gurley and the progress of his knee.

Now NFL teams have been able to confirm for themselves that Gurley should be able to contribute to the team that drafts him as a rookie in 2015.

Not a single running back got drafted in the first round in ’13 or ’14, though Gurley and Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon each have an opportunity. In fact, recent mock drafts by the major media analysts have included Gurley in the first round more and more often. ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. most recently projected Gurley to get drafted at No. 19 overall by the Cleveland Browns.

Arizona, Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, Minnesota and San Diego are among other teams who could be interested in drafting a running back early.

Texas A&M offensive tackle Cedric Ogbuehi (knee), Arizona State wide receiver Jaelen Strong (wrist) and Indiana running back Tevin Coleman (foot) were among other players undergoing further medical testing, reported.