Todd Gurley returned to the playing field on Saturday after serving a four-game suspension stemming from accepting money for autographs.

The Bulldog nation, as well as the rest of college football, was excited to see the star runner back in action. In an unfair twist of fate, Gurley went down with an ACL tear and will miss the remainder of the season.

While Gurley will not be able to get back the games missed due to suspension, or injury, he will be able to recoup some (potential) financial loss. ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported that Georgia recently upped Gurley’s insurance policy, which now offers him $10 million in coverage.

Five million of that is total disability — if Gurley was injured and unable to play ever again. The remaining $5 million covers loss of value — if Gurley is injured and his draft stock drops. While nothing is certain, it seems like he’ll be able to at least collect on the loss of value.

Recent projections slotted Gurley as a Top 10 pick. He’ll start collecting on the policy if he slips outside of the first round, and he’ll collect $5 million if he goes undrafted.