After what seemed like months for UGA fans, a verdict has finally been reached by the NCAA in regard to the length of Todd Gurley’s suspension.

The NCAA officially announced that Gurley will be eligible to return after a four-game suspension and must donate to charity and complete 40 community service hours for taking more than $3,000 in exchange for autographed memorabilia. The NCAA released the verdict via its official twitter account.

Per the official release, it appears a stronger penalty was considered because the incidents occurred multiple times over multiple years. However, the school’s proactive stance in suspending Gurley immediately and Gurley’s full cooperation with the investigation limited the suspension to just four games.

In determining the appropriate reinstatement conditions, a 30 percent withholding condition is consistent with precedent in similar cases. Additional withholding was strongly considered because the violations occurred over multiple years with multiple individuals and the student received extensive rules education about the prohibition of receiving payment for autographs. However, the university’s due diligence in its investigation and the student’s full disclosure in his involvement in the violations were factors in not imposing a more sever withholding condition.

Gurley was initially suspended by Georgia on Oct. 9, after reports surfaced that the former Heisman candidate accepted extra benefits for his likeness from memorabilia brokers. He later admitted guilt in an official statement released by the university when Georgia filed for his reinstatement.

“I want to thank the University, coaches, teammates, and the Bulldog Nation for their patience and support,” Gurley said in the release. “I take full responsibility for the mistakes I made, and I can’t thank the University, my coaches, and teammates enough for supporting me throughout this process. I’m looking forward to getting back on the field with my teammates.”

Despite already missing games against Missouri and Arkansas, Gurley is still fourth in the SEC with 773 rushing yards and eight touchdowns.

His next game will be against Auburn on Nov. 15, and it will be his first game action since Oct. 4.

Georgia plans to appeal the NCAA’s decision immediately.


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