Jake Fromm may have those most conflicted stock of any potential quarterback prospect in the NFL Draft class of 2020. The Georgia quarterback has plenty of positive traits for a franchise, however, there are areas where he lacks high marks from a scouting perspective.

On The Ryen Russillo podcast, ESPN NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay analyzed Fromm’s stock ahead of a decision about his NFL future presumably coming after the Sugar Bowl against Baylor.

“Jake Fromm is probably the guy I go up and down on the most,” McShay said. “But I think he gets the worst rap of any of the quarterbacks. Because he’s one of the smarter quarterbacks I’ve ever been around. He has great anticipation.”

Fromm had a well-documented sub-par season this year as Georgia had a summer departure, injuries and freshmen at the wide receiver position. That is against a backdrop of a long career, which includes two wins over Notre Dame, starting 14 games as a true freshman in 2017, leading Georgia to a 13-2 record, its first SEC Championship in 12 seasons, a Rose Bowl win, and its first-ever trip to the College Football Playoff National Championship, an ultimate loss to Alabama.

“He’s lost some big games,” McShay said. “He’s played big in big games, but they always seem to come up short more often than not. And if you go back and study, even last year, in the big games last year, his completion percentage should be so much higher than what it was because of just drops and guys not being in the right place at the right time.”

McShay has pushed back on the negative narrative around Fromm.

“Everyone that I talked to is like, ‘he needs to go back to school. You know, he really regressed this year,'” he said. “‘Like, you know what? Do me a favor and study it before you bother me with your opinion. Honestly like, I know I sound like a jerk and I really don’t mean to, but there are certain players – I get it if you don’t like his arm strength. I totally agree. He has average arm strength. He’s never going to be great in that regard. He’s never going to be a great athlete. But I would argue he’s played just as well this year as the past couple of years. It’s just that when you don’t have anything around you, and you’re going to defenses playing lights out, you know, the whole equation changes.”