Todd McShay brought up a claim about Jalen Carter that could raise some eyebrows nationally.

The Georgia defensive lineman is considered to be among the best players in the country and is a big reason why the Bulldogs are 2 wins away from a 2nd straight national championship. By all accounts, he has handled himself well throughout his college career.

That makes McShay’s mention about “character issues” interesting, to say the least:

First off, it’s not known what “character issues” issues McShay is referring to. Secondly, if the Seahawks do end up at No. 2 (they’re set to get a high pick after receiving 2023’s 1st rounder from the Broncos as part of the Russell Wilson trade and with the Broncos in the midst of a horrific season), it’s not a reach to think that Carter would be the easy choice to go at that spot behind Will Anderson, widely regarded as the potential No. 1 draft pick.

McShay may face plenty of criticism for this remark from not just Bulldogs fans, but from fans across the sport.