Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken has a lot of weapons at his disposal, especially at the tight end position.

Brock Bowers is everyone’s choice for All-SEC and possibly All-American. But lining up with him are two former 5-star prospects in Arik Gilbert and Darnell Washington.

Washington is still dealing with some health issues, but Monken talked about the unique skill sets he has with Bowers and Gilbert.

“Arik has wide receiver background and route running,” Monken said. “He’s good with the ball in his hands…run after catch.”

“Brock’s background is more, get the ball in his hands, H-back…fullback…run after the catch is probably the difference,” Monken added. “As Brock continues to develop his route running…[right now] it’s just getting the ball in his hands. Arik is more of a route runner…almost an Air-Raid Y”

Monken praises Bowers worth ethic admits that he is even surprised by some of the plays he made last season including the 88-yard touchdown catch against UAB.

“That’s different,” Monken said. “The GPS says one thing and the field you’re like, ‘wow that’s pretty good, we have to keep trying that or I’m just an idiot’.”

With so much talent at one position, Monken was asked about running 4 tight end sets: “If you run it too often, you get wide receivers in the portal.”