Sometimes, not everything that needs to be said can be said over a network broadcast. So that’s why we are bringing you Saturday Down South’s Uncensored Commentary of the Texas A&M vs. Georgia game:

Welcome to Athens, Georgia, on a very chilly, rainy day here as the Bulldogs play a rare game against Texas A&M. If you thought this Georgia offense was tough to watch last week, just imagine what they’ll look like in pouring rain. Should be fun!

1Q: 15:00

Georgia gets the ball first and you get the sense Jake Fromm and this offense need to get off to a fast start. The bad news? The Georgia offense goes 3-and-out. The good news? At least it was fast.

Now Kellen Mond and the A&M offense get a chance to respond and they one-up UGA by not only going 3-and-out but losing yards along the way. If you or a loved one get nauseated by bad offenses, this might not be the game for you.


After a rough punt that looked indistinguishable from a wobbly Kellen Mond throw, Georgia takes over in tremendous field position. A nice run puts the Dawgs in field goal range and James Coley has no interest in calling any plays to get them closer. Out comes Hot Rod Blankenship. And you know what that means: The Bulldogs have the lead.

Georgia 3-0.


The Bulldogs are starting to show some life on offense, or at least the potential of life. They draw up a perfect flea -licker play from midfield. It doesn’t work, but it was more exciting than anything else this offense has done recently.

Well, on the bright side of things, this game has been like an early NFL Combine for these punters. They’re getting a whole lot of reps in. I hope the scouts are paying attention.


Meanwhile, the Aggies have their best drive of the game going. Which is a very low bar obviously, but we’re trying to be positive here. Mond completes a big pass down the sideline and suddenly A&M is threatening. They end up with a field goal and just like that this game is a shootout.

Tied 3-3.

2Q: 12:05

The Dawgs get a big kick return followed by a big run from D’Andre Swift to get them right on the edge of Blankenship range. Better not risk it any further, just kneel it three times and send him out now.

Georgia 6-3.


A couple of times every game, Jake Fromm will make a throw that makes you think “wait, is he the next Brett Favre?” And every now and then, he’ll string all of those throws together on one drive. That’s exactly what he does here to the A&M defense. Fromm throws a couple of beautiful back-shoulder fades to get them down the field and eventually finds George Pickens in the end zone for a touchdown. OK, let’s not use up any more of your good throws until the SEC Championship Game.

Georgia 13-3.


CBS tries to prop up Jimbo Fisher’s credentials by showing his very impressive list of quarterbacks drafted in the 1st round who ended up being a total bust in the NFL and dead weight for the franchises that drafted them.

A&M can’t do anything on offense to finish out the half and that’s how we head into halftime. Deepest condolences to all those forced to watch.

3Q: 15:00

The rain has cleared up, the field is finally dry, and Jimbo had a full 20 minutes to get the A&M offense ready for the first drive of the second half. It’ll be really interesting to see what hap — oh, and they fumble it immediately.

That means Georgia takes over in field-goal range and they can do what they do best, get their offense off the quickly to bring in Blankenship. It works to perfection once again. Hot Rod has outscored the Aggies 10-3.

Georgia 16-3.


Somehow the Aggies’ offense gets across midfield, but they’re facing a big 4th-and-1. Usually, Jimbo perfects the art of being completely outmatched in a game but scoring just enough to keep it somewhat respectable. That would mean kicking a field goal here, but it seems like Jimbo is feeling lucky. He runs a halfback draw out of the shotgun and it’s snuffed out by the Georgia defensive line deep in the background. Yikes.


One drive later, A&M faces another pressure-packed short-yardage play. This time Jimbo knows better than to go anywhere near the Georgia defensive line. Mond finds his big tight end for the first down and it gets the Aggies close enough to get a field goal. It’s a 10-point game and well within that close respectable margin that Jimbo loves so much.

Georgia 16-6.


Tell us if this sounds familiar, UGA gets down the field quickly in a few big plays but right when they get into field goal range, the offense turns into a Mitch Trubisky led Chicago Bears team and out comes the field goal team. It’s either a serious flaw in this UGA offense or a bizarre Senior Night gift to Blankenship.

Georgia 19-6.

4Q: 13:30

You should know by this point that it’s not really a Georgia game unless they build a comfortable lead and then really look like they’re going to blow it. That time is now.

After playing incredible all game, the Georgia defense lets Kellen Mond pick them apart and gets burned by multiple Aggie receivers. Suddenly, the UGA secondary makes Mond look like the next great quarterback in Jimbo’s kind of impressive list and A&M is in the end zone.

Georgia 19-13.


Pressure is on once again for Fromm and this Georgia offense to respond. But UGA wants to send these seniors out the right way, with a game that’s way closer than it should be and gives every Dawg fan heart palpitations. They punt it right back.

Now, Texas A&M can take the lead with a touchdown late in the 4th quarter. The Aggies’ offense finally finds some rhythm and makes its way down the field … until they encounter their toughest opponent yet: SEC refs.

An obvious defensive holding and pass interference call is missed on 3rd down and A&M is forced to punt. D’Andre Swift makes a couple of big runs on 3rd down and it’s enough to run out the clock. Georgia wins.

The Bulldogs keep their Playoff hopes alive. Jimbo walks away with his very respectable loss, so everyone’s happy. Except, you know, either fan base.

FINAL: Georgia 19-13.