There’s nothing left to do but wait.

No one on either side of the Mark Richt debate will gain any ground for the rest of the season — something that’s been the case since the Florida game.

Beating Kentucky, Auburn, Georgia Southern or even Georgia Tech will not do anything to bring together a divided fan base. Richt is 12-2 against Tech, and the Yellow Jackets are having a forgettable season. The principal reasons to get rid of Richt — not beating ranked teams nor winning enough championships — don’t come into play during this last quarter of the season.

No, Georgia has already played the ranked teams on its schedule, a portion of the slate the Bulldogs have collapsed under since 2007, when they went 5-0 and finished 11-2 overall. Since then, the Bulldogs are 14-23 against ranked opponents.

While some fans believe QB Jacob Eason is the key recruit to return the program to Atlanta, others maintain the program shouldn’t be put on the shoulders of an unproven freshman. No matter how QB Greyson Lambert plays against Georgia Southern, Georgia Tech or in a bowl game, the fact remains that Richt has struggled to develop a quarterback for the second straight season. Don’t forget, Lambert set the NCAA record for completion percentage in the same season he was benched for third-string QB Faton Bauta.

Yet these winnable games will only pad Richt’s winning percentage, which is about 74 percent — or about nine wins each season on average — which puts him squarely in the top 10 of active coaches. And of course the part that mainstream fans love about Richt was given another storyline this year when during the Missouri win, he told K Marshall Morgan before a field goal attempt that, “I loved him no matter what happened.”

High graduation rates, a lack of trouble with the NCAA and a recent drought in player arrests only add to the off-the-field bonuses supporters list as reasons to keep a coach lauded for caring about players outside of football, most notably through the Paul Oliver Network.

The dilemma lies in the likely scenario that Georgia finishes 9-3, with two four-game winning streaks, with a quality win hard to find.