The Georgia Bulldogs pride themselves in the branding of the program’s “The Georgia Way.”

Few likely know about what all that entails, but the athletic department has produced a cool video explaining the massive cause for which it fights and the huge responsibility to prepare student-athletes for what comes after sports. Remember, a very small percentage get to actually live their dreams and play professional sports; so, preparing everyone — regardless of whether they turn professional or not — is crucial.

“It’s very different and very unique,” Smart said. “The value we get from it is our players are well prepared when they leave. I’ve always felt like the best thing we can do to set our players up for success after football is what we do while we have them here. So, to have these football players here and to have a curriculum that’s mandated and each player gets to go through it, they’re much more prepared when they enter the job market and the work force. It’s really the No. 1 thing we can do for our players to make sure they have success.”

Leigh Futch, Director of Student Development, has the awesome responsibility of leading the program.