Monday night was likely the last time Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm wear the same Georgia uniform.

It was reported Tuesday that Eason will likely transfer to Washington, his home state, and finish his career with the Huskies. It makes sense because Fromm certainly has a bright future, and one of the top ranked QBs, Justin Fields, is already on campus after signing with the Bulldogs during the early period.

That left folks speculating on Eason’s future, and no one can fault him for wanting to play elsewhere.

But let’s take a minute to appreciate just how professionally Eason handled the whole situation. He could have pouted to the media, or he could have left mid-season and just ridded himself of the situation. He didn’t; he stuck it out until the end, and the video below captures the beautiful moment at the end of the National Championship Game where Eason waited for Fromm in the tunnel and put his arm around him.

Zach Klein, the sports director at WSB in Atlanta, caught the moment after the game: