It’s nothing new to see both college football and the NFL put an added emphasis on the protection of quarterbacks but things are starting to get a little ridiculous.

The latest example comes from the Georgia-Missouri game where Bulldog lineman Tyler Clark was flagged for “roughing” Drew Lock during the third quarter of Saturday’s game. The play below resulted in a roughing the passer penalty following minimal contact. Credit Lock for the amazing acting job but the referees have to do a better job of seeing through that and keeping their flags in these situations.

Following the play, Missouri scored on first down. You can check out the play here:

As you would expect, Kirby Smart wasn’t exactly happy with the call. We may be reaching the point where quarterbacks cannot be touched at all once they’ve let go of the ball. If that’s the case, the NCAA should make it clear that’s the new rule.

Here’s Smart upon seeing the games’ referees confirm the call.