One of the highlights of the Cleveland Browns 28-16 win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday was Nick Chubb’s 92-yard touchdown run, the final score for the Browns.

There was plenty of excitement on the play, but perhaps no one more excited than QB Baker Mayfield, who ran down the field with glee as the former Georgia star crossed the goal line for the score.

Seemingly looking for anyone to celebrate with, or talk to about the play, Mayfield asked, “Hey, did you see that handoff? That’s the best handoff I had all year. … See my handoff on the play? Hey, I was a part of that.”

Mayfield was seen talking with J.C. Tretter, an offensive lineman, who egged it on with Mayfield as if he’s re-telling the event to his grandchildren one day.

“I was a part of that,” Mayfield said. “Back in 2018, grandpappy handed off an outside zone to the right, and it went for 92 yards.”

After the game, Chubb said the play was “wide open to the house.”

Chubb finished with 176 yards and 20 yards with one score, and added three catches for 33 yards and a touchdown as well as the Browns dominated.

The 92-yard run was a record for the longest run in franchise history.