Following the SEC Championship Game win over Auburn, two Georgia players were arrested.

WR Jayson Stanley and LB Natrez Patrick were charged with marijuana possession, and Stanley, the driver, was charged with DUI and speeding. The two were pulled over on Georgia Highway 316 just hours after the win over Auburn. obtained the police bodycam video from the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office, which was nearly an hour long. The website condensed the video to 12 minutes.

At one point in the video, you can hear one of the players pleading with the police officers.

“It’s my car, though. Please, please, please. If you’ve got a heart, please listen,” one of the players said “Please, if you’ve got a heart, we’ve been through the biggest s— of our life. We’re sorry. We not no bad kids. That’s the end for him, man! If we go to jail, that’s it, man, his career, bruh! That’s his life, his family…”

Here’s the 12 minute video: