Sean Lewis has a first-hand perspective on playing Georgia, and the Kent State coach came away impressed.

Lewis said he knew Georgia was capable of game-changing plays, such as Brock Bowers’ 75-yard touchdown, but he was happy with how Kent State responded.

“Really pleased with the way our kids fought, really pleased with the way that they battled and we about their business,” Lewis said after his team turned heads as a heavy underdog. “Not happy with the results, but really pleased with the process and the way our kids went about their business. Really talented ball club, we have a really talented club.”

Lewis admitted that it was a tall task across the board.

“It’s one elite program that’s recruited at an elite level. Each and every single level in all three phases, they challenge you,” he said. They’re going to impact the game. Special teams they get an early block for a safety. That changes the complexion of things. They’ve got a tight end they can hand the ball to that can go 75 yards. That’s a little bit different than most teams have, right, so they stress you out in a lot of different ways. They have an incredible staff of talent that is able to work well together. Total alignment from top down. It’s the breadth of their talent. To go in, toe to toe, and embrace that challenge, I’m very, very proud of them. We came up short, need to get better.