Georgia got out of Arkansas with a victory, but it wasn’t pretty, and there were plenty of issues around the offense.

Coach Kirby Smart explained some of those problems after the 37-10 victory in Fayetteville.

“It was a sloppy first half,” Smart said. “I felt like I was in an extra innings baseball game. It took forever and we weren’t scoring points. I am proud of the second half. The special teams was playing well. And hats off to the Arkansas defense, they gave us some problems.”

About the quarterback issues, including pulling starter D’Wan Mathis in favor of Stetson Bennett IV, Smart said, “Not everything out there was D’wan’s fault.”

Smart said that QB JT Daniels can factor into the QB situation “as soon as he gets cleared.”

“Regardless of the QB, we cannot hold people, or jump offsides, or have penalties,” Smart said. “Not all of the malfunctions we had were on the quarterback. … I have a lot of confidence in all our quarterbacks. I still have confidence in D’Wan. We just didn’t execute.”

He added, “The value of Stetson Bennett playing a full season in JUCO before coming back to UGA is immense.”

About the long Arkansas touchdown pass, Smart said, “We lost contain on the TD pass. I wouldn’t call it a busted coverage as much as it was a good route against poor coverage.”

H/T 960 The Ref.