On Tuesday, the Big Ten announced it was postponing the fall football season until at least the spring, if it gets played at all.

For Ohio State QB Justin Fields, a Heisman Trophy frontrunner and potential top-3 overall 2021 NFL Draft pick, playing in the spring (when the draft is held) doesn’t make much sense.

So, would Fields consider transferring if the ACC, Big 12 and SEC decide to play this fall? Well, one Wikipedia user has already sent Fields to a new team. As you can see below, Fields’ Wikipedia page has already been updated to say he’s transferring back to Georgia:

As of now, that’s not true, of course, but would anything truly surprise us in this crazy year of 2020?

If other conferences play, Big Ten players will likely explore their options. We’ll see what happens moving forward, but for now, Fields remains an Ohio State Buckeye.