Will Muschamp has worked extensively with defensive staffs throughout his career, but he appreciates the Georgia staff, and fellow co-defensive coordinator Glenn Schumann.

It’s an outstanding dynamic, Muschamp said Tuesday at a Peach Bowl press conference.

“Glenn has done a phenomenal job this year, does a great job relating with our players, sending the message through our head football coach to our players,” Muschamp said. “The expectation doesn’t change, and I’m really proud of these guys sitting with me today and how they’ve approached this season of what we perceived to have lost last year, the guys we lost on our defense and how these guys have handled this year.”

Muschamp was also asked how the game plan comes together and their working relationship.

“Glenn has done an outstanding job. He’s a really good football coach,” Muschamp said. “We take turns as far as the installation process is concerned, but there’s a lot of voices in the defensive room, starting with Coach (Kirby) Smart and myself, and we have an outstanding defensive staff. So it’s not anybody running a one-man show. It’s a lot of people involved in what we’re trying to do, and obviously the expectation we understand on defense at Georgia to be elite. That’s what our goal is at all times, and we understand that, and you leave your egos on the shelf and understand what you’ve gotta do and what your role is in the organization to be successful.”