WWE star AJ Styles joined Peter Burns and Chris Doering on “SEC This Morning” on Friday to discuss the SEC Championship Game.

Styles, a Georgia fan, did not discount LSU even though the Tigers lost to Texas A&M last week.

“I’m still worried about them because it’s SEC football,” Styles said.

Styles was asked if he nit-picks Georgia closer because of how the Bulldogs have performed in recent seasons, and he said the Bulldogs play down to their competition at times.

“I’ll take the W any way I can get it,” he said.

About QB Stetson Bennett, Styles said he loves the way Bennett plays because he’s “all heart. I love that about anybody who’s in a sport. Winners find a way to win, and I think Stetson is a winner. He’s a leader, at least what I see on the football field, so I’ve got to pull for the guy. And he’s not a big guy, neither am I so we have something in common.”