There’s quite a bit of irony surrounding Aaron Murray and his XFL team, the Tampa Bay Vipers. While Murray will relish the opportunity to play in his hometown in 2020 during the league’s first season of its reboot, a man who is highly fearful of snakes will suit up for a team that shares a name with one of the most deadly snakes on the planet.

Armed with that knowledge, the Vipers decided to play a prank on the former Georgia Bulldogs quarterback. The team brought in a non-poisonous snake to a recent Vipers practice and recorded Murray’s reaction as he walked off the field.

While this particular snake was perfectly harmless, anyone who is afraid of them can tell you that it’s little consolation. And Murray’s reaction when seeing it tells its own story.

Murray and the Vipers open the 2020 XFL season on Feb. 9 at the New York Guardians.