On Wednesday, ESPN reported that federal investigators granted the NCAA permission to look into rule violations stemming from a corruption scandal surrounding college basketball.

Aspiring agent Christian Dawkins was named among those convicted in a pay-for-play scheme, and documents obtained by ESPN showed that he had business plans involving two Kentucky players — former forward Jarred Vanderbilt and current guard Ashton Hagans.

The Wildcats responded to the report in a Thursday statement provided to The Courier-Journal, which you can read below.

“All of our student-athletes undergo a thorough review process to ensure their eligibility. With the full cooperation of our student-athletes and their families, the compliance department works closely with the NCAA eligibility center and the Southeastern Conference throughout the entire amateurism certification process. At this time there is no change in the eligibility of any of our current or former students.”

Later in the day, Kentucky coach John Calipari offered a response of his own during a scheduled press conference.

“The best thing about coaching here is you coach basketball,” Calipari told reporters (via The Courier-Journal). “What you’re talking about, our administration and compliance are so thorough, doubly thorough, that I trust everything is fine. They get parents involved. I mean, they go to a point where it’s uncomfortable for me, you shouldn’t be having to do this. But then this (happens), you say, ‘Hey, I’m glad you guys do that.’”

Though both the school and its coach have taken on a stance on the report, the NCAA plans to investigate the programs linked to Dawkins, so this saga is far from over.