The Pittsburgh Steelers have remade their running back position in the course of an offseason.

But that hasn’t changed the outlook for Benny Snell, the former Kentucky star. Even after ESPN mentioned him as a potential roster cut.

Last season, Snell rushed for 368 yards and four touchdowns on 111 carries, stepping up as Pittsburgh’s primary back at times while James Conner was out with injury. The Steelers have added several running backs this offseason.

They not only drafted Alabama star Najee Harris in the first round, but they also signed RB Kalen Ballage to go along with Snell, Jaylen Samuels, Trey Edmunds and 2020 fourth-round pick Anthony McFarland Jr.

“Honestly, I can say I’m taking it as a part of my journey,” he told Kentucky Sports Radio. “I never have settled and been comfortable, you know that. This is my job now, you know. Another thing I keep in mind was the Steelers picked me; I didn’t pick the Steelers so I’m ride and dying about where I’m at. When it’s time to work, it’s time to work. I feel like, even on top of us having Najee, you can just do one back for the whole season and hustle. I definitely know that roads and big-time moments are going to come up and I’m going to make sure I’m ready for them. I’m just keeping my head down and working.”

Snell also said he sees a lot of potential in Chris Rodriguez.

“I’m very excited to see him. I know what he can do. He reminds me a lot of myself and he’s going to be a powerhouse. I expect him to make big plays and be humble and be the best Chris he can be. The Mini-Benny thing, it’s like, I’m Benny myself, so I like it, but I want him to have his own legacy. Let him be Chris. Let him come up with his own name so he can do his own thing.”