Mark Stoops’ back-and-forth with John Calipari is one of the hottest topics in college sports right now.

Bob Stoops, Mark’s brother, was recently asked to weigh in during an appearance on 98.1 WWLS’ “The Morning Animals.” The longtime coach did not want to add to the tension.

“I’m not gonna get in the middle of any of that,” Bob Stoops said. “They both have good points, and truly though, someone was asking me about whatever — I said there’s no reason you can’t. The best schools do well in both and succeed in both.”

Calipari calling Kentucky a basketball school and not a football school had Mark Stoops fire back that the Wildcats play in the SEC. The UK head football coach also touted his program’s recent success, including 4 consecutive bowl victories.

Bob Stoops worked in another hot topic this offseason: conference realignment. The former Oklahoma head coach noted that football is king when it comes to conference television revenue.

“You know, there’s a lot of money in college football,” Bob Stoops added. “I’m not so sure when was the last time there’s been conference realignment talks around basketball? That would be never.”