During the Chicago Bears’ 35-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night, former Kentucky LB Danny Trevathan was involved in one of the dirtiest plays of the year.

With Green Bay WR Davante Adams already wrapped up and being tackled after a catch in the fourth quarter, Trevathan came flying in and delivered a vicious helmet-to-helmet blow on the defenseless receiver.

As you can see below, it was a cheap shot and left Adams unable to get up on his own, as he was soon carted off the field and taken to a hospital:

After the game, Trevathan said he hoped Adams was OK, but added that he didn’t think he should be suspended for the unnecessary hit (via ESPN.com):

“I don’t think it should be a suspension, but my main concern is that he’s OK,” Trevathan said.

“It was bad. I never wish that on nobody, especially after being hurt a couple times. I know how that is. Especially with the head and neck, you never wish that on nobody. You never want to see that, but this game is physical, and it happens. Hopefully, they can see my half of it.”

Trevathan added that he regrets that it was a helmet-to-helmet hit, but doesn’t regret going in for the tackle itself:

“I regret the level I hit him at,” Trevathan said. “But you got to understand, I had momentum, and I was just trying to make a play. … Nothing intentional. It happens in this game.”

Whether or not the NFL suspends the Bears linebacker remains to be seen, but a hefty fine will likely be coming Trevathan’s way.