Although the Kentucky Wildcats were blown out a couple weeks ago by the Georgia Bulldogs, the Wildcats still have a great chance to have a historic season.

Despite the loss, the Wildcats are very highly thought of and ESPN college football analyst David Pollack even compared them to this Big Ten blue blood team.

Pollack said this about the Cats on “SEC This Morning” with Peter Burns and Chris Doering.

“Kentucky is a bit of a one-trick pony, it’s a great trick. Their physicality in the run game, their offense, it’s not clearly diversified. They can’t throw the football consistently, they can create some explosives, but here’s an interesting question, and I’ll ask this to you guys, I asked it to Bear (Chris Fallica) on our drive from Detroit to here. If Michigan and Kentucky played, who would you pick.”

Doering said he would pick the Cats “all day long.”

“Bear said the same thing, I agree,” Pollack said. “I think the running quarterback element, I think when you have a running quarterback that can get you more first downs, I don’t think Michigan has that. I think they’re the same team almost, except for I think Will Levis can make plays in the running game and make plays off-script, and I think Wan’Dale Robinson’s the best playmaker in that game. I’m just supporting your argument that Kentucky’s legit, they play a physical brand, they develop, they’ve done an unbelievable job going in the transfer portal.”

The Cats make a visit to Starkville to face Mississippi State on Saturday.