Recent matters surrounding the Houston Texans have been rather newsworthy, to say the least.

It started when head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien traded star receiver DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona in the offseason, and continued well after O’Brien’s firing following the Texans’ 0-4 start to 2020. Since then, fans have experienced everything from defensive end J.J. Watt calling out the effort of his teammates to franchise great Andre Johnson ripping team executive Jack Easterby.

That’s not to mention the growing discontent of quarterback Deshaun Watson.

And according to Adam Schefter, that discontent appears to be headed toward a bitter divorce as the 3-time Pro Bowler is likely finished with the team. That comes as new general manager Nick Caserio and a soon-to-be-hired head coach look to improve the franchise’s fortunes.

News of the potential departure of Watson, certainly garnered reaction from around social media. One tweet, brief but noticeable, was from current Texans wide receiver Randall Cobb.

All signs point to things looking much different on and off the field for the Texans in 2021. And while we are well aware of Watt and Watson’s displeasure, they’re certainly far from the only ones that are frustrated about the current direction of the team.