Former Kentucky offensive coordinator Eddie Gran said he has relied on his faith recently as he moved on from the program following a mutual parting with coach Mark Stoops. But he’s also trying to stay sharp by reviewing video of offenses around the country.

Gran shared those thoughts in a conversation with Josh Moore of the Lexington Herald-Leader on the John Clay Podcast. Gran said he’s seen sunsets and sunrises, and visited with family, all things he hasn’t done in a long time.

“As the season evolved, we had some different solutions for it. I guess really at the end of the day, what was the best thing for the program, you know?,” Gran said. “Moving forward, offensively, we came to an agreement and I felt like it was the right thing to do and I don’t ever want anything bad to happen to the University of Kentucky, they treated me phenomenal for five years from Dr. Capilouto to Mitch Barnhart, to Mark Stoops. So just going back and seeing exactly where we were, what was the best thing to do and moving on seemed like the best thing to do. Mark and I are still great friends and it was hard, obviously. Because of the five years we were together, I felt like we did some incredible things, it’s just part of the nature of the business sometimes.”

Gran, who is based out of Lexington, admitted that he’s ready to get back to work, but also added that there hasn’t been a lot of movement.

“It’s been tough trying to get something,” he said. “That’s what mornings consist of, working to try to get a job, and then I’m on the computer a bunch doing film work and study and trying to grow that way.”

Gran said he talks with his agent each week to discuss possible openings, and with other coaches he’s worked with in his career.

“You really find out who your friends are in this profession, when you get a call back and when you don’t get calls back,” Gran said. “It really is interesting. I’ve got my core guys, and we keep in touch, so that’s really how it happens, it’s really who you know, you get lucky and somebody gets a job, and if you don’t know him, you’re almost quite out of luck.”