Kentucky has had an uneven season, and there was a clear example of how the Wildcats have had an inconsistent season on Saturday in the win over Vanderbilt.

Coach Mark Stoops was asked at his Monday press conference about the Wildcats inconsistent play on offense and defense. Stoops agreed with premise from the reporter about UK having one half that’s solid, and then followed by a drop off. Or case in point, for example, the historic win at Tennessee followed by the tremendous dropoff at Missouri in a loss.

Stoops said he wished he had an answer, but he was particularly troubled about the defense.

“Defensively, for me, there’s no excuse, I sit there and watch us and I see a group of young men and they want somebody else to make the play, they want some miraculous call to stop the play,” Stoops said. “‘Coach, you call something good so we can stop this play, because I don’t want to stop it. I’m not going to make a play, I want my neighbor to make a play, but I don’t want to make the play. Or I want to do my own thing, I don’t want to execute the defense. I just want to do my own thing, so I could get a stat.’ That’s what I see, and it’s pissing me off to be honest with you.”

Kentucky is scheduled to play Alabama this week.