The Eddie Gran to Georgia rumors just got much more interesting.

If you missed this saga last week, following Jim Chaney’s departure from Athens, Georgia had an opening at the offensive coordinator position on Kirby Smart’s staff. That much is fact but where Georgia turned for Chaney’s replacement isn’t exactly clear, depending on who you ask.

Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio reported that Georgia offered the offensive coordinator position to Kentucky OC Eddie Gran. Soon after that report, Gran announced he was staying in Lexington. Immediately after Gran announced that publicly on Twitter, several Georgia media members came out and said Gran was never offered the OC position at Georgia — while they have reported Gran interviewed for a position in Athens.

Of course, Georgia fans have rallied behind the story that Gran was never offered the offensive coordinator job in Athens. Georgia has since announced co-OC James Coley has been promoted to full-time offensive coordinator but the program only did so after Dan Enos was announced as Miami’s new offensive coordinator. Georgia may have had their man on staff from the beginning but waited until Gran and Enos publicly announced their decisions — read into that what you will.

The story could have died there but the latest chapter in this saga came Tuesday evening when Kentucky’s basketball team traveled to Athens to face Georgia. A Kentucky fan went to the game and brought a sign reading, “Eddie Gran heart’s UK” with him.

The Kentucky fan was seated in the front row and according to him, once Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity saw his sign, he had the security staff confiscate it from him. The fan called in Kentucky Sports Radio to explain what happened:

“When we came in, they checked our sign, security did. They okayed it coming through. We were very front row underneath the basket where the players come out. A security guy came over, we’d been there about 30 minutes, and said, ‘I’ve gotta confiscate your sign.’ We thought he was joking. We kind of laughed it off. He said, ‘No, I’m sorry.’ I said, ‘Is it offensive?’ He said, ‘I don’t know.’ I said, ‘Do you even know who Eddie Gran is?’ He said, ‘No.’ He said the athletic director told his boss to come get that sign.”

The fan claims McGarity watched from his seat in the arena as the security staff took his sign.

Here is a picture of the sign, courtesy of Kentucky Sports Radio’s Drew Franklin: