Jack Harlow, the Louisville rapper who is out with a new album, has dropped John Calipari and Rick Pitino in one of the songs, “I’d Do Anything To Make You Smile.”

“Hotels five-star like they play for Coach Cal, but they call me young Pitino cuz I’m good in both towns.”

Harlow has previously mentioned on Kentucky Sports Radio how he chose which team in root for as a kid.

“There was a window, there was an opportunity for me to be a Kentucky fan. My dad went to UK,” he explained. “I grew up growing to Freedom Hall games, my grandfather would take me to those games. I’m from Louisville specifically so I always thought there was something special about representing the specific city I’m from.”

It’s a busy week for Harlow ahead of the Kentucky Derby, and he’ll be front and center on Saturday at Churchill Downs.

Also on Harlow’s new album is a track called “Churchill Downs” featuring Drake, who roots for Kentucky. The timing couldn’t be better. On Saturday, Harlow will announce the traditional “Riders up” call at the Kentucky Derby.

What a week to release a new album, especially with multiple references to college basketball and horse racing, 2 of Kentucky’s favorites.

Here’s one of the songs, which includes explicit lyrics: