The coronavirus pandemic has led to many public service announcements around the country. Local and state governments everywhere were quick to realize that college coaches get peoples’ attention.

Kentucky basketball head coach John Calipari to film a PSA. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear shared a video of Calipari talking about the situation and encouraging donations to the Team Kentucky Fund:

“This is Coach Cal. Knowing that we’re all trying to stay home. That we’re washing our hands. That when we leave we have social distancing. We’re not touching our face. We’re trying to keep this virus at bay. But we’re also trying to help each other. That’s what Kentucky is. How do we give back? What do we do to help someone struggling more than us? What do we do for our older families that are in our community? Do we get them groceries? How do we take care of them? How do we keep our kids in check? The governor started the Team Kentucky Fund. Again, tax-deductible. You can give money to it. And it’s to help those that are struggling even worse than any of us. I will tell you to get involved. Stay safe, keep your family safe. You are responsible for you and if you can, let’s give back to others.”