We were all robbed of having a 2020 SEC Tournament or 2020 NCAA Tournament but John Calipari has faith that the next college basketball season will be played in full.

During a recent appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show,” the Kentucky coach insight into the life of a college basketball coach following the coronavirus pandemic and his belief that the upcoming season will be played without interruption.

“We’ve got a terrific group of guys coming in, one of our best,” Calipari said on the show. “And you know, get them on the phone talking about it but what do you really say? We don’t know. We may not have a summer, we may have a summer we may not have a summer.

“This stuff, the Democratic National Convention moves out of June, what does that mean? Does that mean they know something we don’t know? Does that mean if our kids can’t come back in June, are they going to come back in August? It’s so much up in the air, but I will say this, I fully expect us to be playing basketball in November, I really do.”

While we are definitely living in uncertain times, give credit to Calipari for at least being optimistic after his program missed out on an opportunity to compete for the national championship that would have been played a few days from now.