Tennessee may not have finished like it should have over the weekend, losing to Auburn in the SEC Championship Game by a 20-point margin, but the Volunteers did get a great win over a Kentucky squad that many have pegged as a Final Four team.

That win was Tennessee’s second over Kentucky this season and was enough to impress John Calipari with the job Rick Barnes has done with his team following the Wildcats’ defeat on Saturday in the SEC Tournament. The Kentucky coach even did his best to praise Tennessee’s star player Grant Williams when he met with the media on Sunday.

According to Coach Cal, Williams displayed both his mental and physical toughness against Kentucky. As only Coach Cal could, he praised Williams but his compliment seemed to be a bit backhanded.

“Then that kid makes that corner three, Williams, shows how mentally and physically tough he is. Not just physically, throwing his body, flopping all over the place, getting fouls called — charges and blocks and all this shit. It didn’t matter because he was making foul shots and he made that three in the corner,” Calipari says in the video below.

Check it out here, shared by Curtis Burch of Big Blue Insider:

Do you agree with Calipari, does Williams flop on the court?