John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats made their game against Florida A&M a little closer than they would have liked it to be.

Sure, Kentucky took home a 88-68 win at the end of the day, but the game was much closer than the final score lets on. Add that to Kentucky’s failure to beat a team of consequence this season and you have a fanbase that is growing more and more restless as the days pass on.

Following Kentucky’s win over Florida A&M Wednesday night, Calipari urges fans to be patient, stating their best basketball is still in front of them.

There are 2 sides to Calipari’s statement. For one, Kentucky is not a program that accepts “above average” season after season. The Wildcats have a very talented roster and just are not where they need to be offensively right now in order to truly compete for a SEC Championship, much less a National Championship.

On the other hand, Kentucky has not lost any bad games and piling on to that fact could negatively affect the players and the team as a whole. At the same time, many are blaming Calipari and his lineups, not the players for the state of the team right now.

There’s a lot of basketball to be played. The real question is, does Kentucky have what it takes to prove the outsiders wrong and Calipari right?