John Calipari has a lot to consider after his No. 6 seeded Wildcats were booted from the NCAA Tournament after losing out to the No. 3 seeded Kansas State.

One consideration for the Kentucky head coach is how much of a team he’ll have left going into next season. Kentucky currently has 6 seniors: Jacob Toppin, Sahvir Wheeler, Oscar Tshiebwe, Antonio Reeves, Brennan Canada, and CJ Fredrick.

After the loss to Kansas, Calipari spoke about the future of the seniors, saying he’s not sure what their plans are.

“My guess is that they all will leave but haven’t talked to them. I would guess they would,” he told reporters on Sunday.

The seniors have 1 more year of eligibility remaining due to a COVID-19 waiver from the 2020-21 season.

After the game, Tshiebwe stated that he hadn’t really thought about his basketball future. Another senior, Antonio Reeves, agreed, but also added that he could “envision a scenario where he’s back.”

Calipari’s teams have just 1 NCAA Tournament victory in the past 4 years, which was the win against Providence Friday.