Heading into Saturday’s Kentucky-Auburn football game, a couple of prominent members of the two schools’ basketball programs made a friendly wager.

This past Tuesday, Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari joined TNT’s “NBA on TNT Tip-Off” studio show, which features Auburn hoops legend Charles Barkley’s analysis. Calipari suggested a wager on the football game, offering to shave his beard with an Auburn victory. If Kentucky had won, Calipari wanted to see Barkley try to grow a beard.

Barkley can remain clean-shaven with his alma mater’s 29-13 win over the Wildcats. Calipari is a man of his word on friendly wagers. On Sunday, he shared that his beard is no more.

In case you forgot how Coach Cal looked with facial hair, here’s the segment where the wager was made: